Brrrrrr in Texas!

We’re looking at 15-17°F nights for the next few nights and below freezing daytime temps.   I’m dreading what the electric bill will be as we have electric heaters in the greenhouse and  in the sewing room bathroom.   I’m not sure which is more expensive now…the electricity or the propane.  Both are out of sight!

The kitties have access to the greenhouse, so they can stay warm if they want.  There is an old propane heater in the sewing room, may set it on low and turn off the electric heater once the room has warmed up.  The bathroom plumbing is on an exterior wall of that unheated room, lol.   Ernie has made insulated boxes for 2 of the water faucets outside. We wrapped the last one tonight in foam insulation, regular bat insulation and a roll of duct tape.   Think we’ve done all we can do to be ready for the coldest nights we’ve had yet.  

Can you tell that we’re not used to really cold weather?  I mean…this is TEXAS!!!  The land of temperate 3 season weather.  Mild winters, hot springs and hotter summers.  Guess we’ll learn to deal with the cold, LOL.


One response to “Brrrrrr in Texas!

  1. My brother lived there (in Seagoville) for a while until this last summer and he LOVES the hot weather. Now he’s living in Colorado which is a big adjustment for him. Of course, I live in North Dakota…it’s a good thing I love the cold!