What could be better…

than celebrating the New Year with good friends and meeting new ones?   We had a lovely, pot luck type NY dinner, lots of fellowship and finally,   got whipped at 42!   You have to understand, this was my first time playing, so the whole game had to be explained to me as we played.   My partner and I only lost by 1 mark each time.  I figure that’s pretty good.  Next time we play,  I’ll be better!

Yesterday was shopping in Abilene.  Time to restock on cat foods…those guys eat better than we do!   I also found some cute shoes at Payless….yeah!!!  One pair for work ~ aren’t these nice!  My old ones were Dr. Scholls and I love them, but they’re just falling apart after almost 6 years!   These are a dark brown and actually match the purse I bought at Dillard’s in Novemeber!   That’s go to be a miracle :)

I also found a second pair of “fun” shoes…and they were on sale!   My kind of deal.  These are my $3.00 shoes!!!

 I found several more skeins of yarn too.   Seems like all I’ve done lately is crochet scarves.  It’s quick and easy and great “TV” work.    Here are a few of the most recent ones and the purple that I’m currently working on.  All are worked in double crochet, one has fringes.  

I think the one I’m working on now will also sport fringe.  The granddaughters seem to like fringe.   The black confetti scarf is very long and meant to be doubled with the ends pulled through the loop.  the purple on the left is nearly finished.  I have several more to make, then I’m ahead on next year’s gifts!   

For now,  I need to see about taking down the Christmas tree.   We bought a new one…a 7′ desert pine on 80% off sale at Hobby Lobby!   It’s only about 32″ wide and pre-lighted.  No more messing with lights.   The current tree will be donated to the Humane Society thrift store along with it’s lights and a bunch of ornaments.   As we get older,  we’re starting to enjoy some of the work involved in decorating, less.   It’s time to start paring down the work.  A prelit tree is the first step.

Susan ~ Patchkat



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