and on the scary side….

This was NOT the way to start the New Year!   I went to turn on a light last night and noticed this….this plug was attached to my Feather Weight machine cord.   I’m thankful that I always unplug the cord from the machine itself.  (the wall plug is too hard to reach) .  

Ernie thinks something bridged the prongs on the plug and blew a circuit.   All I could think about was the 2 houses that burned down on Christmas Day…and how easily this could’ve started a fire.   You can’t understand how paranoid I am about fires.  I turn off the computer at night and when we leave the house.  I unplug my toothbrush every morning.   I never leave things like my sewing machines, the iron or my curling iron plugged in.   If Ernie would let me,  I’d unplug EVERYTHING just like we do when we go out of town.  

Needless to say,  he’ll be replacing the plug on my machine as soon as he gets a new one.   Looking at this plug is scary.  

Thank GOD for taking care of our home and our kitties.  This is just one more example of how HE watches over us.  We see the signs of HIS love and watchfulness on a daily basis.


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