~ Welcome 2010 ~


Can’t believe it’s already the end of another year.  How quickly 2009 has passed.  They say time passes quickly when you’re having fun!  

It’s been mostly a great year!  Ernie and our son, Lance both accepted Christ and were baptised.   I bought Maggie Mae, my HQ16 :)  We had a nice vacation in Arkansas,  we watched the second oldest granddaughter graduate in Wisconsin, we’ve spent time with family and friends.  We have our health, a steady income and a roof over our heads.  We’ve welcomed new kittens and buried 3 sweet cats.  Sadly,  we lost a very dear friend, but we celebrate his moving to a higher place.

New Years Resolutions?   Don’t think either of us has really thought about them.  We’d both like to be more involved in helping the community, drop a few pounds and save a little $.  I’d like to spend more time quilting and learn more about EQ6.   We’d like to be able to provide rescue services to more kitties.  Are we going to fret if it doesn’t happen?  Nope.  We’ll just be thankful if any of it does!

So, as 2009 passes it’s final hours with us,  my wish for each of you is to have a safe and prosperous New Year.  

Susan ~ Patchkat



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