This is the life ~

if you’re a kitty in our household! This is the life of Riley…it’s no wonder why they like being in and don’t want to stay outside.  They have their own “heated” sleeping mat (Ernie is under the blankee) and all the food they can eat.  That’s Muckley curled up on the back cushion, FraidyKat on the right, Blaze in the middle (isn’t he a pretty boy!) and PeeBee on the left.  She loves the boys and will curl up with whichever one will let her.    

Look at the SMILE on ApatcheKat’s face!  You think she’s not a happy camper being a housekitty.   She’s the momma kitty to the double hellions…Bear and Blondie. 

I looked around the other night when it was 18°F and snow on the ground…we had a nice fire going in the fireplace, and there were eleven * 11 * cats in the living room!   Only 2 of them are fulltime house cats!   Neither of us had the heart to weed them out and make them go outside.   I spent all Christmas Eve day throwing cats out…and Ernie kept letting them back inside.   Right now,  there are only 3 in the house.   The 2 that belong and Mitzy who is enjoying walking around outside her crate.  She’s getting around quite well although she still favors her left hind leg.  It was the right pelvis that she fractured, vet isn’t sure why she’s favoring the left side…I’m thinking there might have been some spinal damage that he missed on the x-ray.   Doesn’t seem to slow her down, but she can’t go outside until the end of February.

Now,  wouldn’t you like to come back and be a Burkett Rescue Kitty?  There’s a new cat hanging around outside…she appears to be totally deaf!   These guys go out and find other cats to bring home…I know they do!   It’s a good thing we love kitties and the Good LORD has allowed us the means (even though limited) to take care of them. 

Susan ~ Patchkat 


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