The last Stashbusting report for 2009

This is the last Sunday of the year, so this is the last report.  Not necessarily all I will actually use for 2009 as we still have 5 days left, lol.   Nah…who am I kidding.  I probably won’t get anymore used than what is ready to sew.  SOOOOO….

Yardage purchased this week – 0 yds

Yardage used this week –  11.75 yds

Year to date purchased – 33.75 yds

Year to date used – 243.25 yds 

Not too shabby for working from the stash.   Still short of my 300 yd goal, but I can live with it.   Thanks JudyL for spurring me on!   You reporting has made me much more aware of what I’ve been using…and less quick to run out and purchase fabric because I’m too lazy to dig through my stash.   

I’ve refolded part of my stash,  cleaned out my sewing room and have a better handle on what I have.   I’m ready to start on my 2010 goals!

My 2010 goals are:

  1. use at least 300 yds from the stash
  2. finish 10 of my older UFOs
  3. make 4 Christmas quilts for family members
  4. make at least 30 charity quilts …that’s less than 1 per week and should be “do-able” for me

So,  I’ll close out 2009 looking at patterns for my 2010 efforts!   My friend Barbara has sent several that will be great scrap busters.  They’ll help me empty some of my precut stash.


2 responses to “The last Stashbusting report for 2009

  1. Great job! Your 2010 goals look good. I also have a goal of finishing up some of my WIPs.

    I’ll be interested in seeing what patterns you come up for the scrap quilts. I picked up a bunch of plaid fabric pieces at a garage sale. I’ve washed all of the pieces but I am also looking for patterns that will look good with a whole bunch of plaids! I am thinking of making the quilts the size to use with a chair/wheelchair with flannel backing so I can get them to a senior group to hand out.