and the snow continues

We’ve enjoyed a lovely wintery snow storm…even blizzard conditions for a while.  The snow was swirling from all different directions and even coated the side of the garage!   The birdhouses are covered in snow and there’s icicles on the birdbath.   The water was slushy, so the cardinals were coming around to drink.   I hung their feeders on the front deck and got several photos of a really sassy male.  I was only 4′ away from him and he gave me lots of lip for being outside.  He was more interested in eating than in what I was doing.  I love to watch these guys.   We always have multiple pairs as we’re on the Bayou with water and grasses available.

      Isn’t he gorgeous!

The Cardinals love Pirocanthia berries…check out this lovely speciman!

With any luck,  the bushes will be covered with birdies before too long.  My friend, Wanda, tells me the berries have to start rotting before the cardinals will eat them. They’ll certainly have a bunch to eat when they start softening up!   Both bushes are covered in big red berries.  

Last, but not least, let’s check in on the onion field.   It was lovely coated in white.  Even a few of the trees have a white coating!   I love the snow as long as I don’t have to get out and drive in it.

Perfect day for a fire and some crocheting.    Been on the computer looking at some quilt patterns.   Think I need to cut out a few more to start sewing on in the evenings.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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