Mitzy gets a “get out of jail free” for Christmas!

Mitzy has been confined in the large dog crate for 5 1/2 weeks.   We figure her Christmas gift will be a few hours out of her crate to let her do some walking on that fractured hip. She’s looking fat and sassy and getting around well in the crate.  Her new trick is to scratch and scratch in her litter box when she wants attention…which means at night when we’re in the living room, she’s scratching a lot!

When we talk to her, she just rolls around in the crate and if you reach in to pet her,  you’re her best friend for awhile.   She’s still got a lot of feral “don’t touch me attitude” at times.  I’m sporting the scratches to prove it, lol.   We’re happy to see her doing so well after her run in with the mail carrier’s truck.

Once she’s out of the crate, she’ll still have 6-8 weeks in the house to continue healing and strengthening her hips.


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