Getting down to the wire with the Stashbusting~

and it’s not a pretty sight, lol.   My co-worker brought 4 yds of CocaCola fabric for me to make placemats and napkins for her…and I had to purchase the backing fabric.   I bought 2 yds of a black tone on tone.   I’ll use most of it and not have any left to stick in the stash.  

On a positive note,  I * have * used a substantial amount of stash fabrics and I haven’t purchased all that much.   Just a little short of the 300 yds I hoped to use in 09.

Yardage purchased this week – 2 yds

Yardage used this week –  0 yds

Year to date purchased – 33.75 yds

Year to date used – 231.50 yds 



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