The lights of Christmas

are shining on our tree…I love to watch the lights flicker and chase each other.  Ours are set to twinkle.   While I’m not thrilled with the tree this year, there are ornaments I love.   A little shiny star, an ornament from France (purchased our Christmas in Abu Dhabi) and the gold wire star with red bead pointies that I found in Saudi Arabia.   How about this cute kitten with the lights wrapped around him?  Behind him you can see the head of a Flamingo ornament that Wanda gifted to me.

Then there’s the Santa who was a package tie about 30 years ago…one of Ernie and my first Christmas times together!

The little church ornament from our days in El Paso.   Then there are the stars…I love star ornaments!  Our trees are always full of Santas and stars.  You can’t see the writing, but the little blue ball upper right of this photo is an ornament the kids and I made in the 80s…we took the older ornaments, glitter and glue and wrote sentiments on the ornaments.  I think this one says “NOEL” .   The last one is one from Ernie.  It’s a Jim Shore ornament featuring Santa and 2 children inside.  Wonderful ornament!

 I still have some of my Grandmother Fulton’s ornaments and soon,  I’ll have some of Mother’s.  I’m hoping for some that my Sister, Kathy, and I made under Mom’s supervision many, many years ago.

Susan ~ Patchkat



One response to “The lights of Christmas

  1. It’s so nice when the ornaments all have hovering memories. Yours are lovely. All the ornaments I’ve kept are those with sentimental value, the store-bought ones didn’t seem important when it came time to sort and simplify.

    I made a boo-boo this year though. Our lights are battery-powered and I turned the tree and put the battery case where we can’t get at. The batteries have expired and we now have a dark tree unless I want to undecorate and decorate all over again, which I’m not going to do.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!