Survival of the fittest?

We did some shopping Wednesday evening…and I have decided that only the fittest should compete in crowded stores!   Getting whapped with purses and shopping bags, run over by shopping carts, and dealing with screaming children and total rudeness is NOT a fun activity for me.

In spite of all that, we did finish the shopping.  I still have a few stocking stuffers to pick up, but hope to do that tomorrow….and bake breads and cookies to finish out the local neighborhood trays.

I finished wrapping, packing gifts Wednesday evening for Ernie to deliver to the Dallas/Ft Worth area on Thursday.  All that’s left to be delivered is what goes to his Mom and siblings in Roscoe area.  He’s planning to do that Monday or Tuesday.   Yeah!   There’s not much left under our tree, but that’s less for the kitties to tear up and eat ribbons.

Did I get all my sewing done?   Nope!   I have pieced the backing for the Flamingo Road quilt.   Hope to load it on the frame tomorrow afternoon and do some quilting. 

My co-worker is a CocaCola freak!  Her kitchen/dining room are all decorated in logo items.  She brought me 4 yds of CocaCola fabric to make her some placemats and napkins.   That will be my first after Christmas project.   Thank Heavens…she only needs 4 of each.  Napkins are not my thing…getting a nice edge on them is a problem.

Tonight will find me baking and wrapping a few gifts for co-workers…and maybe a little crocheting.


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