The office Christmas party was tonight.

In spite of the Chinese Christmas swapping and bartering,  we all came home with fun gifts and full bellies.   The food was yummy.  I ended up with a cute jingle bell wreath and Ernie brought home a chicken wing/leg holder for the grill. 

However….there was a “poopin’ pig” that went to our Maintenance Manager, Eddie (in the back with the tan cap)…here you can see Ernie demonstrating how it works.  Eddie says he always gets the “poopin animal” at these functions.   And we never disappoint him!

Our BossLady, Linda, shut the office down at 3PM so we could eat and party.  Here she is surveying the food.  We had sub sandwiches, meat loaf, BBQ pork, chicken tetrozinni (sp?), queso and chips, assorted dips and lots of goodies.  No one left hungry.

This is my goofy husband!  He was supposed to smile…well…I guess maybe he did at that!

Tomorrow evening is our housing children’s party.  That should be a zoo.  Last year’s was!   I may have to skip out on it as I need to go to Brownwood to pick up RXs.

Back to my gift wrapping!


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