Candy Making….Day 2

What fun we had.   This is part of my share.   In the foreground, there are marshmallow cups, pb cups, choco covered peanut clusters, then there are pepper mints, mint cream, toffee, butterfingers, turtles, orange creams, cherry mash, 3 kinds of coconut/chocolates, orange jubilees, irish creams, cheesecake, cream cheese, cranberry pecan, apricot pecan, Martha Washingtons, and about 8 other rolled and dipped varieties.   These and some homemade cookies or fruit breads make nice gift baskets.

I forgot my camera today…I had wanted to show you the assembly line candy making process.  I believe there are photos in the archives of last year’s candy making if you want to see the setup.


2 responses to “Candy Making….Day 2

  1. I wish I could be with you and Wanda when you make the candy! I haven’t started my baking yet.