Candy day!!!!

This is candy making weekend at Wanda’s!   I carried my “centers” to Wanda’s and spent the day rolling candy.   Wanda and several others took turns “dipping” the “centers” into the various kinds of chocolate….there are such exotic candies as Irish Cream, Cheese Cake, Orange Jubilee, Chocolate Raspberry Truffles, Martha Washingtons, and the list goes on.   Tomorrow is another day of candy making, but I’m not sure what we’ll be making.  Should be lots of fun.

Coming home this evening,  I just made it to Coleman when I heard a “pop” and the van started running ragged.  There was a gassy smell and a lot of LOUD noise.   I limped the van a block to the grocery store parking lot, thanked GOD for getting me back to Coleman where I had phone service and a lighted lot,  then called Ernie.  He called our terrific son who agreed with him on what was wrong….this involved holding a cell phone in the engine compartment so son could hear the noise (wish I’d had the camera!).   Anyhow,  the spark plug was reseated, the noise went away and everything seems to be fine.  Gotta love the men in my life!!!   We never lack for adventures :)

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Candy day!!!!

    • Karyl, hey girlfriend! Good to hear from you…come on down :) Wanda and I have loads of fun when we can manage to get together! The candy making was quite an experience. You go home the first day with sore shoulders…by the end of the second day, you’ve worked out the soreness, lol. And the eating is always good! We had homemade potato soup, a vegetable stew and homemade cornbread! YUMMY.