Did you ever want to have cattle?

I did for awhile…then I started learning about how hard it is to raise cattle, keep them safe and healthy.  Cattle get blackleg…nope,  I don’t know what it is, but it’s fatal.   They eat the wrong things and can die, they get bogged down in the muddy tanks and die if you can’t get them out.   They get snake bit…and die.  They sometimes jump their fences and get out on the highways.  None of the above is good.  There’s a lot to being a cattle rancher.  My hat is off to all who make their living that way…including our neighbor whose herd is frequently in our pastures.   How wonderful is it that we get to have them in our pastures without all the heartache and trials of raising them!

This is what I saw through the kitchen windows yesterday…

I can see 4 of them through the trees…there were 2 yearlings in there with them and the Moms are very protective.   Lots of blowing and snorting if you get close.

Here is a shot of one of the brown yearlings. 

I love to get my coffee and watch them through the windows.  It’s peaceful and calming for me.   They’re doing a great job of grazing down our pastures.   That’s a good thing!

Those decrepit bird feeders always show up in the  photos…I’ve purchased nice glass/copper feeders.  Just need Ernie to sink a post with some brackets to hang them from.   Shhh…I haven’t asked him yet!


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