A little bit of this and that

Got home from work, Ernie had a fire going and the house was toasty warm.   That’s a good thing as our high today was only 37°.   It’s 29° now and the fire is still going.  

A little bit of coffee and a few minutes to warm up and relax by the fire, and it was time to finish decorating the tree.   Ernie snapped this one of me adding the last ornament.    Sorry it’s a little blurry.  We’re still trying to figure this new camera and it’s settings out!   Anyhow,  here is the final product.   Pretty gaudy, huh?   Funny, but in the photos, I can see places where I could’ve used a few more lights!  Oh well…too late now :)

I’ve addressed cards tonight and now to finish a couple of gifts.  Need to have stuff in the mail on Monday or I’ll have unhappy grandchildren.  That would never work!

Tomorrow is work…and then it’s Candy making weekend!  Stay tuned for more photos and a recap of a fun few days at Wanda’s house :)

Susan ~ Patchkat


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