a few flakes of snow

fell this morning.   I think the major weather split and went north of I-20 and south of us.  Pity.

Thought you might like to see what I’ve been stitching and binding

This is the “Jasmine” Challenge that was unveiled at the TQP LA ROMP several years ago.  I dearly love stars, so it was a given that I would do stars, lol.  I designed the blocks and setting strips to get the secondary design.   It helped that I loved the fabrics.  The piece I chose to work with has a black background with little pink/purple looking paisley designs.  Very pretty fabric.

Then there was a vacation in Texas Hill Country with some good friends.  We swapped Texas themed blocks.  I don’t remember who did all the different blocks, but they all did a wonderful job and I love this quilt too.  It’s in the living room for a quick coverup.

This year’s TQP challenge was real easy…we picked a number and put it in a database.  My friend Denise matched the numbers to her color chart.   We could only use that color and 1 other to make the quilt.   My color was blue-green.     I chose various shades of orange to go with the multiple shades of blue-green. 

I don’t have the colors quite right with the editing,  but you get the idea.  I backed the quilt with koi fish fabric…and quilted it with rippling water.   There’s a dream story behind the fish fabric that I won’t bore you with…but I think it worked well for this particular quilt.