Rainy Day…maybe snowy night

It’s been drizzling, raining here all day.  Temps in the upper 30s and 40s.  The weather man says we could have snow by morning!  I hope it snows neck high to a giraffe!!!  I could stay home and play tomorrow if it did :)  Ernie has the fireplace well stoked and it feels toasty in here.   Only problem with the fires is they don’t burn down when I’m ready for bed…so I’ll still be sitting here for another hour or so.

The local market had a meat sale today.  I shopped on the way home.   I’ve cooked boneless pork ribs…one batch is slow cooking with a bbq sauce, another was pan cooked, seasoned and I quartered green cabbage on top for the last few minutes of cooking.  I threw a bunch of chicken breasts in the stew pot.  I’ll bone that shortly for pot pie and chicken and dumplins.   I fried up 2 kinds of sausage with onions and chopped green tomotoes.    One batch I put in the freezer,  the second batch,  I spooned over bell pepper halves.   Everything is either heat and serve or I’ll need to make dumplins or throw a green salad together.   I love it when I can pre-cook for a week at a time.   Now I will have some extra time for sewing in the evenings :)

Did I mention that DD #3 saw my flamingo fabric and decided she needs a quilt for her bed?   I’m cutting it out now, lol…will try to finish it for her Christmas.   It’s great for stashbusting except for the 5 yds I bought yesterday for the setting blocks, borders, binding and maybe to piece into the backing.   There won’t be anything left to add to the stash.  

After the family left Saturday, I finished binding my Lousiana ROMP quilt, crocheted a scarf for a Christmas gift and finished several kitchen towel sets, also for gifts.   I have 1 more scarf to finish and several small gifts to complete.  It feels great to have most of the crafting gifts done.

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “Rainy Day…maybe snowy night

  1. My Goodness!

    We are 2000 miles north and our temperatures are the same. No snow for us tonight. Clear skies and down to -7 C (19 F). I grocery shopped too but was not so ambitious as you once I got my loot home. We had chicken soup for dinner with bok choi and Brussels sprouts from my garden. You can come cook for me any day of the week! :))

    Loves ya,
    Yer ole Auntie