~ Welcome 2010 ~


Can’t believe it’s already the end of another year.  How quickly 2009 has passed.  They say time passes quickly when you’re having fun!  

It’s been mostly a great year!  Ernie and our son, Lance both accepted Christ and were baptised.   I bought Maggie Mae, my HQ16 :)  We had a nice vacation in Arkansas,  we watched the second oldest granddaughter graduate in Wisconsin, we’ve spent time with family and friends.  We have our health, a steady income and a roof over our heads.  We’ve welcomed new kittens and buried 3 sweet cats.  Sadly,  we lost a very dear friend, but we celebrate his moving to a higher place.

New Years Resolutions?   Don’t think either of us has really thought about them.  We’d both like to be more involved in helping the community, drop a few pounds and save a little $.  I’d like to spend more time quilting and learn more about EQ6.   We’d like to be able to provide rescue services to more kitties.  Are we going to fret if it doesn’t happen?  Nope.  We’ll just be thankful if any of it does!

So, as 2009 passes it’s final hours with us,  my wish for each of you is to have a safe and prosperous New Year.  

Susan ~ Patchkat


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Well, today was the TQP NYE09 Mystery quilt day ~

This is a quilt designed by Ann Smith and presented on TheQuiltingPost for the members.   I love Ann’s designs and she didn’t let me down on this one!   This was command central today ~  I was several hours late starting, but I was almost caught up by lunch time.  I had my iPod playing book 11 – Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan and coffee at my elbow. 

Ernie decided this was a good day to rotate the tires on my van, lol.  I stitched and pressed and played all day.   Here’s a closeup of my focus fabric.   This is a Michael Miller fabric and I love these little jesters.

 I’m pleased with my color choices  (deep purple, orange, blue-green and white) and the placement in the pattern.   Isn’t this a happy block…I just love the fabrics.  

I’m already thinking about another one in Christmas fabrics.

And tonight’s blog wouldn’t be complete without a photo of the completed top (minus the outer borders) .   I’m trying to decide what type of borders I want to add.   Have several ideas and one of them involves more HSTs…and that’s NOT happening right now.   I couldn’t take anymore trimming!

Thank you, Ann, for another wonderful, fun mystery quilt.   I’ve enjoyed my day!

Yes,  that’s the Christmas tree still up on the right hand side.  Might need to think about taking it down this weekend!

Susan ~ Patchkat



Time to Unveil the 2 Color Challenge!

 It’s finally time to unveil the 2 Color Challenge quilts on TheQuiltingPost.   This is my rendition…Dappled Waters.  We chose a number, then the hostess of the challenge matched our numbers to a color on the colorwheel.  My color was Blue-Green.   I had to choose one other color.  I chose ORANGE.   That said,  I worked in various shades of my 2 color choices.   I backed the quilt with a special (to me) Koi fabric in honor of my late Mom.  She loved Koi, ponds and blue-green/teal colors.   I did a freemotion rippling water pattern for the quilting.   Dappled Waters was designed in EQ6, pieced on a FeatherWeight and quilted on my HQ16.   I love being in charge of my quilting projects from idea to completion.

Susan ~ Patchkat

Life’s little oddities

Picture this…my husband, sitting on the couch, looks over his shoulder to talk to me at the computer and he starts laughing…tells me I have to come sit where he was…so I do… this is what he was laughing at ~ do you read Stephen King?   Have you read “IT” ???  Do  * you *  see Pennywise the clown?  or just 2 skeins of yarn?

Ernie can be pretty silly sometimes, lol.   But he’s right, it does look like an aggrevated clown!

He’s obviously got way too much time on his hands and not enough work on his plate, lol.

Susan ~ Patchkat

The last Stashbusting report for 2009

This is the last Sunday of the year, so this is the last report.  Not necessarily all I will actually use for 2009 as we still have 5 days left, lol.   Nah…who am I kidding.  I probably won’t get anymore used than what is ready to sew.  SOOOOO….

Yardage purchased this week – 0 yds

Yardage used this week –  11.75 yds

Year to date purchased – 33.75 yds

Year to date used – 243.25 yds 

Not too shabby for working from the stash.   Still short of my 300 yd goal, but I can live with it.   Thanks JudyL for spurring me on!   You reporting has made me much more aware of what I’ve been using…and less quick to run out and purchase fabric because I’m too lazy to dig through my stash.   

I’ve refolded part of my stash,  cleaned out my sewing room and have a better handle on what I have.   I’m ready to start on my 2010 goals!

My 2010 goals are:

  1. use at least 300 yds from the stash
  2. finish 10 of my older UFOs
  3. make 4 Christmas quilts for family members
  4. make at least 30 charity quilts …that’s less than 1 per week and should be “do-able” for me

So,  I’ll close out 2009 looking at patterns for my 2010 efforts!   My friend Barbara has sent several that will be great scrap busters.  They’ll help me empty some of my precut stash.

This is the life ~

if you’re a kitty in our household! This is the life of Riley…it’s no wonder why they like being in and don’t want to stay outside.  They have their own “heated” sleeping mat (Ernie is under the blankee) and all the food they can eat.  That’s Muckley curled up on the back cushion, FraidyKat on the right, Blaze in the middle (isn’t he a pretty boy!) and PeeBee on the left.  She loves the boys and will curl up with whichever one will let her.    

Look at the SMILE on ApatcheKat’s face!  You think she’s not a happy camper being a housekitty.   She’s the momma kitty to the double hellions…Bear and Blondie. 

I looked around the other night when it was 18°F and snow on the ground…we had a nice fire going in the fireplace, and there were eleven * 11 * cats in the living room!   Only 2 of them are fulltime house cats!   Neither of us had the heart to weed them out and make them go outside.   I spent all Christmas Eve day throwing cats out…and Ernie kept letting them back inside.   Right now,  there are only 3 in the house.   The 2 that belong and Mitzy who is enjoying walking around outside her crate.  She’s getting around quite well although she still favors her left hind leg.  It was the right pelvis that she fractured, vet isn’t sure why she’s favoring the left side…I’m thinking there might have been some spinal damage that he missed on the x-ray.   Doesn’t seem to slow her down, but she can’t go outside until the end of February.

Now,  wouldn’t you like to come back and be a Burkett Rescue Kitty?  There’s a new cat hanging around outside…she appears to be totally deaf!   These guys go out and find other cats to bring home…I know they do!   It’s a good thing we love kitties and the Good LORD has allowed us the means (even though limited) to take care of them. 

Susan ~ Patchkat 

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The saga of the Freezer continues…yet again!

Last night, the ice maker froze up.   Great.   Ernie has been working on it this morning trying to get it thawed and see what’s wrong.  This isn’t the first time it’s frozen, just the first time he hasn’t been able to get it thawed.    I’ve ice chested all the food so he could take out the shelves and have a little bit of work room.  The freezer is only 15″ wide, lol…and this is getting monotonous!   Wonder if this refrigerator understands replacement?   I feel a new one coming on cause I’m tired of the issues with this guy.  Every time I say that,  Ernie manages to fix it, lol.   Right now,  he’s not a very happy camper!