Yes, we have tomatoes…

Friend Wanda brought tomatoes last week.   A box full!    I pulled a bunch of the ripening ones out and let them ripen over the holiday.  Today,  I washed them and chopped them up for the freezer.  No,  I don’t skin them (that extra fiber is a good thing),  I don’t blanche…I just chop and freeze.    

Once they’re in the bags,  they go to the freezer to be used later in soups and stews, meatloafs, stuffed peppers…where ever I need chopped tomatoes.



The ripe tomatoes were enough for 4 quart size freezer bags!   I still have a half dozen that are ripening nicely.  

I chopped up about 10 green tomatoes for a soup (see an earlier post) and I’m going to run another 10 through the processor to freeze for another batch of soup.  There is also a cake recipe calling for green tomatoes….so I’m going to process enough for at least one cake.  We had fried green tomatoes the other night that were absolutely yummy. 

We love tomatoes…and I’m so allergic to them, lol.   Just means I take those little purple pills to stop the indigestion and the reflux.  A little cortizone cream stops the rash.  And it’s so worth the pain.


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