What’s on your screen?

Ernie and I are so different…I’m reminded just how much every time I look at his computer.   My old computer desktop was blue so all the icons would show up.  At work, my desktop shows a photo of the Burkett Bridge…an old trestle built in the 1920s.  I love that bridge, lol.   However…my wonderful Husband who hates red AND plaids has this for his desktop!  This tartan plaid came with us from our very first computer in Saudi Arabia…and has been on every computer Ernie has had since.    Makes me think of a comfy much loved flannel shirt! 

With the kids here,  I haven’t done any quilting.  Now that they’ve gone home, the house is straightened up, laundry is done and we’ve eaten…it’s time to sew.  I’m still working on bindings.  Think I have 3 more to get bound.

Daughter Stacie insisted she needed a quilt that I made some years ago…it was one of Ann Smith’s wonderful mystery quilts.    Stacie said it would look much better in HER living room.   Guess that means I’ll have room for another quilt on the rack, which is a good thing :)   Maybe someday,  I’ll find Ann’s instructions and make another one for myself.

Tomorrow,  I’m hoping to load quilts on the HQ16 and get some actual quilting done.  I have a bunch of kid quiltlets that need to be finished and delivered before the weather gets too much colder.   They won’t be keeping anyone warm if they’re still laying in my quilting room.


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