Christmas gifts and the final countdown…

I guess I’m weird…I like having the Christmas gifts made, wrapped and ready to mail by Thanksgiving.  This year,  I’m way behind.  I’ve made jewelry, key fobs, kitchen towel sets, crocheted scarves and purchased a few things… I even spent a little time making a few special Christmas cards!

So far, these have been my favorites.  Cute little kitchen towels with their built in potholder.  Always hanging right where you left it as it buttons over the oven handle or a drawer handle.  The little sets have oven mitts and matching dishcloths.

My co-workers have been buying them as quick as I can make them.  I’ve made about 30 sets in Christmas prints and I’m having a hard time getting the ones I need for gifts done for keeping up with the co-workers orders, lol.

Each set comes out different and I love them all. 

I say every year that I’m going to make lists of guy stuff and start shopping for them early in the year…the guys in my life aren’t really into kitchen towel sets and quilted clothing, ROFLOL…so…I end up purchasing their gifts.   Every year,  I’m in the same dark hole wondering where the light is…and why I can’t think of new and different guy gifts.  Have I mentioned that I hate giving gift certificates or $$$…I prefer a gift that will last for awhile.   

Think it’s about time for me to curl up with the latest brochure from Harbor Freight Tools….you know, the guys Christmas Catalog!  Maybe there will be something really neat :)


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