Blooming Christmas Cactus ~ yehaw!

This little plant has hung with me for about 8 years!   It summers outside every year, moves into the house as soon as it makes tiny little buds.  

It’s taken so much abuse, last year, when we brought it in, there was a toad in residence in the pot.  He was about 4″ across and burrowed down under the soil.  I flushed him out when I watered and put him outside.   This is the most beautiful salmon colored flower.  I just love looking at the flowers.  It should bloom for about a month.  I may try to root another plant when this one quits blooming.  I have some root-tone and sand.   I’ve never had any luck, but maybe I try at the wrong time of the year.


3 responses to “Blooming Christmas Cactus ~ yehaw!

  1. hi susan, love your blog. my christmas cactus is smaller than yous but does have a few buds on it. aren’t they just the cutest? wont have many this year i know.
    cindy fellabaum

  2. Congratulations on your 29th Anniversary! Hug Ernie for me, and tell him to return the favor!

    I love that colour of CC. I’ve had pink, fuschia, white, red and salmon ones, but the salmon ones are my favorite. They are very easy to propagate. Snap off a piece three or four sections long. Let it dry out for a day. Then stick the end which was attached to the plant in a pot of dryish potting soil. Water very sparingly. The piece will wilt, shrivel a little, and root. This is the way they propagate themselves. I was constantly moving sections which had fallen off and rooted on their own into new pots. The trick is a sunny location and keeping them dry.

    The way to make thm bloom like crazy is to put them out in the sun during the summer, then in Sept bring them inside and put them in a sunny window where they will get cool and *absolutely NO light* for 12 hours of each day. So at sundown draw the curtains and keep them in the dark.

    They go nuts. I’ve had some with 200 blossoms on them. I started with a two segment section I picked up off the floor at WalMart. It had been walked on and was shriveled. I stuck it in a pot and it sat in the greenhouse all winter. In the spring I put it on the patio and it grew like mad. In Sept, I brought it back in the greenhouse, and by mid-December it was two feet across and had so many blossoms you could hardly see the green. Jade trees are the same. I had one which would get two feet across and four feet high. I’d prune it and stick the pruned bits in pots. I don’t know how many Christmas cactus and Jade plants I gave away.

    I love plants. ….sigh

    Love, Auntie Deb

    • Thank you!

      These CC go outside under a tree or on the deck for the summer…then they move to the greenhouse for a week or two while I get a place ready in the house. Next…they hang around in the kitchen and sewing room where it’s warmer..and they bloom! I will try your method for rooting new plants. I’ve never had any luck with rooting them or begonias. I have a huge begonia at work…it’s at least 6′ tall and I need to cut and root several sections to make it back into a fluffy plant. I’m scared to touch it for fear of killing it. Don’t have any luck with the Jade plants either. The one in the kitchen window is slowly dying. Don’t know if I’m watering it too much (only when I remember and the soil is usually really dry) or if I’m not watering it enough. I’m a pretty sorry gardener. My thumb is brown. Mom was always the green thumb lady.

      Love and hugs Susan