Blooming Christmas Cactus ~ yehaw!

This little plant has hung with me for about 8 years!   It summers outside every year, moves into the house as soon as it makes tiny little buds.  

It’s taken so much abuse, last year, when we brought it in, there was a toad in residence in the pot.  He was about 4″ across and burrowed down under the soil.  I flushed him out when I watered and put him outside.   This is the most beautiful salmon colored flower.  I just love looking at the flowers.  It should bloom for about a month.  I may try to root another plant when this one quits blooming.  I have some root-tone and sand.   I’ve never had any luck, but maybe I try at the wrong time of the year.


29 years and holding :)

Hard to believe we’ve been married for 29 years!   There are those who thought it wouldn’t last.  Life is good!   Our anniversary falls on Thanksgiving this year and we’re planning on a housefull of kids and grands.  With that fact stated,  we drove to Granbury, TX yesterday to celebrate our impending anniversary by attending a performance of  “Rockin’ Little Christmas” at Granbury Live.   I had already been there earlier in the Fall  for “The Beat Goes On”.   Great stage performers.  Talented people who have real lives in addition to their stage lives.  Sean Mitchell is one of the male vocalists…and he is awesome.  His son, Brayton, performed 2 numbers with him.  You can read all about Sean and his new CD here.  He’s but one of the amazing performers.  Several of them have CDs…most all of them record Christian music that they have written themselves.   Have I mentioned how AWESOME they are…and Granbury Live too! 

We had a really late lunch prior to the performance, visited with Sean and Brayton after the performance, then walked around Granbury’s town square looking in the shops.  I did a little Christmas shopping and missed the quilt shop by about 10 minutes.  The sign on the front door said “CLOSED” when I got there :(   Next time,  that will be my first stop!