Another cursed kitty family?

SPITFIRE  “Spitty” –   5/14/09 -11/18/09

Mitzy is still in a cage healing from being hit by a car…and today her baby, Spitty, was hit and killed by a vehicle.    He was a sweet little boy and we’ll miss his antics.  

I’ve been on the phone to the Sheriff and the County Commissioner asking for a Speed Limit sign and a speed bump.  I hate that we’ve lost Spitty, but shudder to think it could’ve been a child darting across the street.   I’ll keep raising cain till someone does something or like I told the Commissioner,  I”ll be making my own speed bump with 2x4s embedded with nails.  



One response to “Another cursed kitty family?

  1. Oh shoot,

    I’m so sorry to hear that little Spitty met such an untimely end. You must be sad. I’d be laying a spike belt too. Hope you get your speed bump.

    Aunt Deb