If you were wondering,  the septic tank was pumped, we’ll be replacing a lateral line before long.  The guy who pumped it was telling Ernie about a different type of lateral line…it’s not like we have and we could run a new line without a lot of trouble.  We’re both breathing a little easier over that.

Mitzy, week 1Mitzy has stood a couple of times to eat…she never stands long, just enough to get resituated.  She’s getting pain meds every 12 hours to help her rest.  Since she will stand for those few seconds, we’re very hopeful that she will make a complete recovery.   There must be a lot of bruising as she seems to have many sore points when we lightly pet her.

ApacheKat (Mother to Bear and Blondie) came in last night limping.   I can’t feel anything broken, but she’s laid on the ottoman since she came in.   Guess is she doesn’t perk up soon,  I’ll have to carry her in for x-rays.   Keep the kitties in your prayers.    We try to keep them healthy and safe, but it’s really hard to police their activities 24/7.    We may have to install those kennels and really become the Burkett Kitty Rescue Shelter.


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