Septic Tank woes ~ ICKY

This has been the week…Mitzy, Spitfire’s mom, got hit by the mail carrier.  Trip to the vet, fractured pelvis, drugs, enforced confinement for at least 6 weeks which necessitated an extremely large dog crate to house her.  Thank GOD, she should recover.  She’s a sweet kitty who actually belongs to the neighbor.  He gave up trying to keep her in the house, and has no clue she’s been hit or the amount of expense and time her recovery is going to entail.  He doesn’t believe in vets or doctors.  I’ll eventually tell him where she is, but she’s mine now.

Next up, the septic tank…apparently, we have a stopped up or rusted out lateral line.  Now I don’t understand all that stuff, but I think it means we’re going to be digging to China to lay a new line out to our leech field…or redoing the whole line/leech field.  Neither is a fun prospect and sounds terribly costly. 

Does anyone know where I can find that proverbial money tree???   I need to plant several in the back yard and pray for speedy growth, ROFLOL.   Have to laugh to keep from crying.

I’ve been making kitchen towel/potholder thingies like crazy this week.  I’ve sold 19 sets, several beaded necklace sets and some fobs.   The gals at work are eager for Christmas gifts that are different from what everyone else will be giving.  I’m happy to oblige them :)

We have our Community Dinner tomorrow night.  I’ve already got my pork roasts cooked, just need to make broccoli salad and a quick dessert.  Should be good food, good company, dominoes and maybe a card game or two.   Something to look forward to!




for those who follow Michele Foster’s QUILTING GALLERY blog, then you already know about her great Friday Giveaways….if not…check it out :)  She has got tons of great information on her site…and some quilting swaps for those who like to swap.


You may notice some similarity in this week’s donator’s name, lol…and yes, I do have custom beaded fobs.   These are great for scissors, key chain, a tote bag handle…most anything.  I have shorter ones that make wonderful zipper pulls for your favorite jacket.   Prices range from $1.50-$7.50.   Great giftees for a quilting friend :)  email patchkat7@web-access for info.  Be sure to include FOB in the subject line.