Stashbusting, not hardly

but I didn’t buy any fabric either!   I tore strips off of a FQ to use for gift ties, but that’s not enough to count.   I’m still a long way from my goal and time is growing shorter, lol.   Maybe next week will be better!  I need to cut borders and backing for 2 more quilts…so…till next Sunday…




Saturday Shopping

Yesterday was the  “Annual Ladies Shopping Day”.   Once again,  only the Pastor’s wife and myself showed up.  We met in Abilene, hit the Mall, terrorized Big Lots, had a yummy Chinese buffet lunch, made a trip to the Civic Center for a craft show…picked up some cool stuff there and got more good jewelry ideas.   I finished some of my Christmas shopping, so it was a good day for me!  

I came home and made a few Christmas gifts for my Secret Pal and a couple of relatives.   Still have to deal with guy stuff…that’s always hard for me.

I noticed on the way into Abilene that the Red Oaks  are turning a brillant red…they’re gorgeous.  I would love to have one in our front yard and one in the back.  We have a Bradford Pear that died off (not a sprig on it for 2 seasons), so we cut it about a foot above ground last year.   This year, it put out 12-15′ sucker branches from around that base.   bradford pear volunteerI’ve researched the Bradford Pear and see that if it comes back, it reverts back to it’s old genetic code…there are thorns and no fruit.   I can’t remember if it flowered last Spring, but I’m thinking not.   It does have thorns and there was of course, no fruit.   It does have leaves that are changing to a lovely cranberry color, so there is something positive about it!   It’s in a thicket of Hackberry trees…trashy trees, but they attract Cedar Wax Wings when the berries ripen. 

It’s also right next to the Ill Fated Fig Tree. ill fated fig  I call it Ill Fated as we chopped it from about 20′ high and 15′ around to less than 6′ each direction.   It doesn’t make fruit.   Actually,  it does, about a dozen fruits each year and the birds/bees get those.  This is the Winter that the poor thing comes completely down.  We have a dead pear and 2 fig trees to fell, then we’ll look at planting some new fruit trees.

fullblown rosesOut front,  the pink roses are in full bloom.  I can’t remember the name of this one, but they’re huge…about 6″ across and the blooms have the strongest, sweetest fragrance.   I wish we had 2 or 3 more of these!  We planted a pretty yellow climber rose that changes to a deep coral as the flowers open up.  Even though it’s making long canes on the fence, it’s not blooming.  The pecan trees keep it too shaded.   We’re still in the learning process about how the different plants work in this yard.   We have plans to do some flagstone patio/walkway areas and I would like to put it an archway, some wooden privacy fencing, and move our “water” feature.

Finally, the Wedding Quilt is boxed and ready to mail

It’s been washed, boxed and is ready for tomorrow’s mail.  YEAH!  

I’m so ready to have it out of here and to it’s new home.   TexasChain gone OrientalThe pattern is Texas Chain from Judy Martin.  I’ve named my version  “Texas Chain Meets Oriental”.   I used an oriental print, fussy cut for the centers and the chains are oriental looking fabrics too.  I cross hatched the chains and the checkerboard border, and used a stenciled flower in the white borders.closeup of quilting  This was one of my first quilting attempts using the ruler and ruler base on my HQ16.  I could learn to like the ruler work…and I loved the stencil work.   Fun!