Off on another tangent?

Probably so.   We’ve been trying to eat more healthy, less processed foods and after lots of thought and some serious research, I’ve decided to make my own raw cat food. 

After reading the pros and cons of dry kibble/commercially canned cat foods, I think I would prefer knowing exactly what the kitties are eating without the grains and fillers…and the worries of bacteria like salmonella found in so many dry foods.   This is just one of the sites with info about raw feeding for dogs and cats.  It makes purr-fect sense to me that kitties should eat a diet closer to their wild diet.   I would rather spend money on quality food than vet bills…and this sounds like it’s a win-win situation. 

I’ve ordered the vitamin supplements and will need to look for a good meat grinder.  In the meantime,  I’ll be weaning the inside kitties off dry foods and feeding wet canned foods with slivers of slightly cooked chicken.  Should be an easy transition around here….bunch of wild savages when it comes to chicken!