Yes, we have tomatoes…

Friend Wanda brought tomatoes last week.   A box full!    I pulled a bunch of the ripening ones out and let them ripen over the holiday.  Today,  I washed them and chopped them up for the freezer.  No,  I don’t skin them (that extra fiber is a good thing),  I don’t blanche…I just chop and freeze.    

Once they’re in the bags,  they go to the freezer to be used later in soups and stews, meatloafs, stuffed peppers…where ever I need chopped tomatoes.



The ripe tomatoes were enough for 4 quart size freezer bags!   I still have a half dozen that are ripening nicely.  

I chopped up about 10 green tomatoes for a soup (see an earlier post) and I’m going to run another 10 through the processor to freeze for another batch of soup.  There is also a cake recipe calling for green tomatoes….so I’m going to process enough for at least one cake.  We had fried green tomatoes the other night that were absolutely yummy. 

We love tomatoes…and I’m so allergic to them, lol.   Just means I take those little purple pills to stop the indigestion and the reflux.  A little cortizone cream stops the rash.  And it’s so worth the pain.


What’s on your screen?

Ernie and I are so different…I’m reminded just how much every time I look at his computer.   My old computer desktop was blue so all the icons would show up.  At work, my desktop shows a photo of the Burkett Bridge…an old trestle built in the 1920s.  I love that bridge, lol.   However…my wonderful Husband who hates red AND plaids has this for his desktop!  This tartan plaid came with us from our very first computer in Saudi Arabia…and has been on every computer Ernie has had since.    Makes me think of a comfy much loved flannel shirt! 

With the kids here,  I haven’t done any quilting.  Now that they’ve gone home, the house is straightened up, laundry is done and we’ve eaten…it’s time to sew.  I’m still working on bindings.  Think I have 3 more to get bound.

Daughter Stacie insisted she needed a quilt that I made some years ago…it was one of Ann Smith’s wonderful mystery quilts.    Stacie said it would look much better in HER living room.   Guess that means I’ll have room for another quilt on the rack, which is a good thing :)   Maybe someday,  I’ll find Ann’s instructions and make another one for myself.

Tomorrow,  I’m hoping to load quilts on the HQ16 and get some actual quilting done.  I have a bunch of kid quiltlets that need to be finished and delivered before the weather gets too much colder.   They won’t be keeping anyone warm if they’re still laying in my quilting room.

Remember those loaves of bread?

Here’s the last one…sliced and waiting on some real butter! 

My friend, Wanda, brought me a box of green tomatoes last week.  After the family left today,  I started looking at ways to use green tomatoes besides frying…and I found a green tomato soup that is quite good.  We started tonight’s dinner with salad, soup and fresh bread…moved onto sirloin & potatoes…sweet for me,  white for Ernie.   Made for some pretty good eating!

Day is done

gone the sun…and the dinner!   Check out these loaves of fresh bread that Ernie whipped up yesterday!  Delicious!  Along with the bread, there was a 24 lb turkey, a 15 lb ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, fruit salad, green beans, stuffing and gravy, pickles, cranberry sauce and of course…the desserts.   The buffet was laden with pies, pumpkin, apple, and cherry, German chocolate cake, pumpkin bread and 2 kinds of unfrosted cupcakes.  

Those were a hit with the kids as Granddaughter, Emylee (on the right!) made them and brought 2 kinds of icing and 3 kinds of sprinkles so the little ones could ice and decorate them.  What fun they had choosing and smearing icing!  Out of 3 dozen cupcakes, they only went home with 15!    We ate well, cleaned up the kitchen, played some Rummicube and Skipbo, snacked…and cleaned.  The kids took their showers, watched a movie and now they’re in bed.  We’re hoping they haven’t OD’d on desserts and that no one wakes up with the belly ache.   Kitties have come out of hiding and life is back to normal till morning.

What a chore it was getting the kids here, lol…one set ran into major traffic issues and didn’t get in until nearly 11pm.  The second batch ran into head space and timing problems…they ran out of gas about an hour and a half out of here…took roadside assistance almost 2 hours to get to them with more gas.  They didn’t get here until about 1:30am.  We’ve had a good laugh at their expense.   What a “duh” moment.  We were just thankful they arrived safely.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. 

Susan ~ Patchkat 

Christmas gifts and the final countdown…

I guess I’m weird…I like having the Christmas gifts made, wrapped and ready to mail by Thanksgiving.  This year,  I’m way behind.  I’ve made jewelry, key fobs, kitchen towel sets, crocheted scarves and purchased a few things… I even spent a little time making a few special Christmas cards!

So far, these have been my favorites.  Cute little kitchen towels with their built in potholder.  Always hanging right where you left it as it buttons over the oven handle or a drawer handle.  The little sets have oven mitts and matching dishcloths.

My co-workers have been buying them as quick as I can make them.  I’ve made about 30 sets in Christmas prints and I’m having a hard time getting the ones I need for gifts done for keeping up with the co-workers orders, lol.

Each set comes out different and I love them all. 

I say every year that I’m going to make lists of guy stuff and start shopping for them early in the year…the guys in my life aren’t really into kitchen towel sets and quilted clothing, ROFLOL…so…I end up purchasing their gifts.   Every year,  I’m in the same dark hole wondering where the light is…and why I can’t think of new and different guy gifts.  Have I mentioned that I hate giving gift certificates or $$$…I prefer a gift that will last for awhile.   

Think it’s about time for me to curl up with the latest brochure from Harbor Freight Tools….you know, the guys Christmas Catalog!  Maybe there will be something really neat :)

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Blooming Christmas Cactus ~ yehaw!

This little plant has hung with me for about 8 years!   It summers outside every year, moves into the house as soon as it makes tiny little buds.  

It’s taken so much abuse, last year, when we brought it in, there was a toad in residence in the pot.  He was about 4″ across and burrowed down under the soil.  I flushed him out when I watered and put him outside.   This is the most beautiful salmon colored flower.  I just love looking at the flowers.  It should bloom for about a month.  I may try to root another plant when this one quits blooming.  I have some root-tone and sand.   I’ve never had any luck, but maybe I try at the wrong time of the year.

29 years and holding :)

Hard to believe we’ve been married for 29 years!   There are those who thought it wouldn’t last.  Life is good!   Our anniversary falls on Thanksgiving this year and we’re planning on a housefull of kids and grands.  With that fact stated,  we drove to Granbury, TX yesterday to celebrate our impending anniversary by attending a performance of  “Rockin’ Little Christmas” at Granbury Live.   I had already been there earlier in the Fall  for “The Beat Goes On”.   Great stage performers.  Talented people who have real lives in addition to their stage lives.  Sean Mitchell is one of the male vocalists…and he is awesome.  His son, Brayton, performed 2 numbers with him.  You can read all about Sean and his new CD here.  He’s but one of the amazing performers.  Several of them have CDs…most all of them record Christian music that they have written themselves.   Have I mentioned how AWESOME they are…and Granbury Live too! 

We had a really late lunch prior to the performance, visited with Sean and Brayton after the performance, then walked around Granbury’s town square looking in the shops.  I did a little Christmas shopping and missed the quilt shop by about 10 minutes.  The sign on the front door said “CLOSED” when I got there :(   Next time,  that will be my first stop!