chilly nights make the kitties want to be inside

Ernie snapped this shot of sleeping kittens.  Bear and Blondie still spend half their time in the house.   Blaze just comes in to eat, nap, then he’s out hunting or doing whatever kitties do.

babies We go from 2 in the house to however many Ernie can sneak in at night!   I throw them out, he lets them back in.  Tell me these guys don’t recognize a soft touch.

We’re supposed to be almost to freezing tonight, so Ernie started moving plants to the greenhouse.  I rearranged a few and got the heater set up to cycle.  This is a tiny greenhouse…barely 4×8′, but it’s big enough to hold 2 kitty boxes and most of the plants. greenhouse1  The ceiling is full of hanging plants.   Last year, we had really good luck overwintering the plants in here. 

In the back against the wall are 2 rubber tubs with doors cut out…they have quilted towels and are covered in black moving pads.  The kitties enjoy the warmth in the greenhouse. This is the first time we’ve had their boxes in there too…hopefully, they’ll take to them.       greenhouse cat boxes

Tomorrow,  Wanda is picking me up to head to Lake Brownwood for a quilting retreat.   Should be lots of fun.  I’ve already picked out some UFOs to work on and have a couple of quilts to bind.  Guess I should go find some clothes to throw in a bag :)


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