What are friends for?

Why, for emailing to say they shop hopped around your own hometown area,  visited 2 NEW to me quilt shops,  they bought fabric… and they’re having a good time.   All while I’m slaving away at the J.O.B.    She (Wicked Wanda) even threatened to call me tomorrow if they found more quilt shops!    However,  she did purchase some fabric that I had asked for…now that’s a true friend, lol  :)

Speaking of the J.O.B.,  today was a birthday luncheon for a co-worker.   We took off for the local Mexican restaurant and had a nice time.  Ernie met us for lunch.  Afterwards, it was back to the office for birthday cookies, more joke telling and a card opening.   It’s nice to work somewhere like this…we do birthday luncheons almost every month…and spouses are invited to attend.

We’re having some rain in the area.  It started late last night and at 6pm, we’d had about 1/2″.  That’s pretty good considering it’s spritzed and sprinkled off an on all day.   Maybe it will rain all night!  The kitties don’t want to go outside, but I’m fixing to empty out the house before bed.   They have ample places to be out of the rain.

Time to clean the lint filter in the dryer!  Woman’s work is never done!

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “What are friends for?

  1. Sorry you’re not feeling well but what a lucky girl you are. Looks like you had a wonderful breakfast for dinner. Those biscuits look yummy.