What a man!

It’s so nice to have a man around the house!   I came home with a nasty sinus headache…and Ernie says ” I haven’t done much today, so I thought I’d cook dinner”…wow!   What can I say but “sounds great!”   dinner002   He jumped right in and made a pan of biscuits to go with sausage and gravy.  I love it when we have breakfast for dinner :)   The house smells lovely…that smell of almost ready biscuits.   

Here’s the finished product…and were they edinner003ver good!   Slathered with butter and red plum jam….my favorite.

The gravy was yummy  and the sausage was the Jimmy Dean Hot that I like so much.  Probably sent my BS soaring, but it was worth it.   Tomorrow night we’ll go back to chicken and a salad.

Ernie is a good cook, so it’s always good when he gets in the kitchen.  Of course, sometimes the clean up is a little more labor intensive than when I cook, but I’ll clean anytime he wants to cook!


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