Once again…the culprit…argh!

Once again,  I’ve boxed everything from the freezer the culpritand parceled it out to the second ref/freezer or carried it down to the church.   What an aggrevation…even more so as Ernie walked in with a ice chest full of fish for the freezer.  

He plugged everything in…and the compressor cranked right up, the water flowed and the blower seems to be working.   I think this freezer DOESN’T LIKE ME!   It knows I want a new model, lol.   

AH…now the blower has quit again…I feel vindicated.

This may be the time for it all to go south as I noticed the washer timer is making terrible racket.  All of our appliances were purchased in 2000, and nothing seems to be made to last anymore.   The washer has already blown a transmission…and this is the second time for the freezer.   Can we say ENOUGH!!!


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