Our last harvest of the 09 season ~ not much to show

The garden didn’t do so well this year.   Our area got too hot and dry too quickly for most of the stuff to flower or set fruit….this is after the pear tree and all the pecan trees bloomed and we had a late hard freeze, so no pears or pecans either.    We still have one tomato plant struggling, and the asparagus has ferned nicely so maybe we’ll see a good crop next year.   Anyway,  here is a photo of what I picked off the plants when I got home today.last harvest

There were a couple of tomatoes, 2 little ichibon eggplants and 1 each red and green bell peppers.

Tonight’s salad will have fresh goodies!   I still have onions from the Spring garden to throw in the salad and add to the burritos.  After that, we’ll be eating what I froze, canned or dehydrated early on and the grocers offerings.


One response to “Our last harvest of the 09 season ~ not much to show

  1. Hi,

    Time to catch up! You’ve had an eventful week! I picked all my green tomatoes, and then the predicted frost didn’t happen. Tsk! The challenge mini-quilt is beautiful! Quilters are so creative and produce such lovey works of art. And congratulations on the wedding of Lance and Leslie. Looks like it was a beautiful ceremony and I wish them many years of happiness together. Company coming at any mo’ – hugs yourself for me!