chilly nights make the kitties want to be inside

Ernie snapped this shot of sleeping kittens.  Bear and Blondie still spend half their time in the house.   Blaze just comes in to eat, nap, then he’s out hunting or doing whatever kitties do.

babies We go from 2 in the house to however many Ernie can sneak in at night!   I throw them out, he lets them back in.  Tell me these guys don’t recognize a soft touch.

We’re supposed to be almost to freezing tonight, so Ernie started moving plants to the greenhouse.  I rearranged a few and got the heater set up to cycle.  This is a tiny greenhouse…barely 4×8′, but it’s big enough to hold 2 kitty boxes and most of the plants. greenhouse1  The ceiling is full of hanging plants.   Last year, we had really good luck overwintering the plants in here. 

In the back against the wall are 2 rubber tubs with doors cut out…they have quilted towels and are covered in black moving pads.  The kitties enjoy the warmth in the greenhouse. This is the first time we’ve had their boxes in there too…hopefully, they’ll take to them.       greenhouse cat boxes

Tomorrow,  Wanda is picking me up to head to Lake Brownwood for a quilting retreat.   Should be lots of fun.  I’ve already picked out some UFOs to work on and have a couple of quilts to bind.  Guess I should go find some clothes to throw in a bag :)



I haven’t had much sewing time lately, but I did manage to do a little damage in the stash. I cut bindings for 2 more quilts and a backing for another project. On the negative side, I bought 2 yds of fabric…I’m using part of one for snowglobes and I”ll be gifting a FQ of the other for Flat Santa on TQP

Yardage purchased this week – 2 yds

Yardage used this week – 3 yds

Year to date purchased – 25.25 yds

Year to date used – 213 yds

I’m still aways from my goal of 300 yds for the year…but I’m still hoping to make it!  Guess I better get busy!

Susan ~ Patchkat

Puzzle Pages

I’ve been having fun with the online Jigzone puzzles…so I decided to add a few to my blog. You’ll find them on the left under the PAGES heading. I’ll add to them as I have more photos to share.

Susan ~ Patchkat

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What a man!

It’s so nice to have a man around the house!   I came home with a nasty sinus headache…and Ernie says ” I haven’t done much today, so I thought I’d cook dinner”…wow!   What can I say but “sounds great!”   dinner002   He jumped right in and made a pan of biscuits to go with sausage and gravy.  I love it when we have breakfast for dinner :)   The house smells lovely…that smell of almost ready biscuits.   

Here’s the finished product…and were they edinner003ver good!   Slathered with butter and red plum jam….my favorite.

The gravy was yummy  and the sausage was the Jimmy Dean Hot that I like so much.  Probably sent my BS soaring, but it was worth it.   Tomorrow night we’ll go back to chicken and a salad.

Ernie is a good cook, so it’s always good when he gets in the kitchen.  Of course, sometimes the clean up is a little more labor intensive than when I cook, but I’ll clean anytime he wants to cook!

What are friends for?

Why, for emailing to say they shop hopped around your own hometown area,  visited 2 NEW to me quilt shops,  they bought fabric… and they’re having a good time.   All while I’m slaving away at the J.O.B.    She (Wicked Wanda) even threatened to call me tomorrow if they found more quilt shops!    However,  she did purchase some fabric that I had asked for…now that’s a true friend, lol  :)

Speaking of the J.O.B.,  today was a birthday luncheon for a co-worker.   We took off for the local Mexican restaurant and had a nice time.  Ernie met us for lunch.  Afterwards, it was back to the office for birthday cookies, more joke telling and a card opening.   It’s nice to work somewhere like this…we do birthday luncheons almost every month…and spouses are invited to attend.

We’re having some rain in the area.  It started late last night and at 6pm, we’d had about 1/2″.  That’s pretty good considering it’s spritzed and sprinkled off an on all day.   Maybe it will rain all night!  The kitties don’t want to go outside, but I’m fixing to empty out the house before bed.   They have ample places to be out of the rain.

Time to clean the lint filter in the dryer!  Woman’s work is never done!

Susan ~ Patchkat

Photos aren’t my strong suit

or maybe it’s that I don’t understand all the features of our photo program.   I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to do a frame on a photo when  centering the frame will put it off the edge of the photo…which lets an ugly default color to show through.  Not good.   This is the best we’ve been able to do…spittry my friend, Sheryl, explained how to do the superimposed lettering.  Thank you, Sheryl!

I’m thinking that with my scrapbooking, knowing how to do these things would work to my advantage.  Isn’t this little guy sweet ?   He’s about 5 months old and spoiled rotten.  All he wants is to be cuddled, petted and fed.  He’d love to be a house kitty, but that’s not going to happen here.  Maybe if we could adopt him out.  In the meantime, we feed him and love all over him.  You can’t really see it here, but he’s got green eyes.

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Once again…the culprit…argh!

Once again,  I’ve boxed everything from the freezer the culpritand parceled it out to the second ref/freezer or carried it down to the church.   What an aggrevation…even more so as Ernie walked in with a ice chest full of fish for the freezer.  

He plugged everything in…and the compressor cranked right up, the water flowed and the blower seems to be working.   I think this freezer DOESN’T LIKE ME!   It knows I want a new model, lol.   

AH…now the blower has quit again…I feel vindicated.

This may be the time for it all to go south as I noticed the washer timer is making terrible racket.  All of our appliances were purchased in 2000, and nothing seems to be made to last anymore.   The washer has already blown a transmission…and this is the second time for the freezer.   Can we say ENOUGH!!!

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