At Denise’s insistence,  I’ve dusted off my EQ6 and completed my design of “Merry-Go-Geese”.   2010 tqp bomThe center is best done in Paper Piecing.   Everyone who knows me, knows I don’t do well with paper piecing…I’m very dislexic and my bits and pieces are always the reverse of what they should be!  This will be a challenge for me, lol.  

“Merry-Go-Geese” will be offered Round Robin style on TQP  as a BOM in 2010.

Thanks Denise for tweaking the design for presentation.

I will also be offering the pattern and instructions on the blog for those non members who would like to play along.

I’m not sure when we’ll be offering it on TheQuiltingPost, but it will run concurrently here, so stay tuned!


One response to “Merry-Go-Geese

  1. I did not have to twist your arm too hard. :-) And look at what you can do when you dust off the EQ! It’s going to be fun to stitch.