My latest quilting endeavors

quilting handicapThe wedding quilt is loaded and I’m quilting…but how do you quilt with this type of handicap???  This is GG (garbage gut) Sassyfras and she’s purrfectly content to lay in the frame.  I run her off, get to the other end of the machine, and she’s back.  Only way to keep her off the frame is to shut her out of the room.  As you can probably tell,  I’m floating the quilt top rather than having it pinned to the roller in front of Sassy.

 I was having a dilemma about what to quilt in the white areas of the border…and this is what I’ve come up with.  I’m thinking it’s looking okay.flower  This is a first for me as I’m using part of a continuous line stencil and marking the flower…my lines aren’t perfectly in line with what I drew, but it’s okay.  I’m connecting the flowers along the top white border with little swirls and curlie Qs.    I’ve got the top borders and the first row of blocks done.  Need to go work on rows 2 and 3 which are interlocked/staggered.  Think there are 9 of those interlocked rows and of course, borders on the other 3 edges.  


One response to “My latest quilting endeavors

  1. I had the same problem with my ‘Princess’….I actually have the long narrow box that my pattern boards came in so I lay the box on top of the frame and night. She only had to step up onto it and it tilt once! I can’t say I blame them, it is the softest bed in the house…