Week 2 of Inspections

This has not been the best week….we’ve been doing inspections as time permits between meetings and training sessions.   One employee…ended up in the emergency room.  The cat that bit him ended up dead.  Police shot it to take for testing.   Sad when one’s sympathies lie with the cat :(     Then, had a call yesterday about a tenant who didn’t show up for coffee with friends…ended up with the ME, mortuary and law enforcement on scene.  Not a good thing.   Not at all.  The elderly gentleman had apparently expired on Friday.    I’m thankful the maintenance crew got there yesterday before we did…so we didn’t have to be the ones to go in and find him.   It was hard enough having to inspect the apartment this afternoon.

Mother-in-Law has Dr. appt tomorrow AM.  Ernie has taken her  to Roscoe.   We’re hoping for a good report so she can be a little more active.   Not sure if she’ll come home with him.

 magsThe kitties and I are enjoing having the doors open and the 59° air blowing through!   NO TV,  I ate out, so no dishes.  I’ve spent my evening going through catalogs and magazines…something I rarely have time to do!  FUN!   I’ve even done a little Christmas shopping!  That’s a productive evening!!!  I saw some cute items that I think I can make too :)   I love it when that happens!  

My thread order from Tracy at SewThankful (www.sewthankful.com) came in today.  I ordered King Tut varigated and it’s beautiful.   I should have the thread order from my HQ dealer on Friday.  I ordered Rainbow and SoFine from her.  I’ll be thread poor :)    I could easily become a thread junkie!   Way too many gorgeous colors to pick from.   I think other than special projects, I’ll probably quilt mostly in neutrals, but the colors are fun.

The wedding quilt should be ready to load on the machine by Friday evening.  I’m hoping to quilt it over the weekend if the backing fabric arrives tomorrow.   I need to find some neat wrapping stuff for the 2 wedding quilts as I’m hoping to have them done and ready for delivery on the 2nd.   Wish me luck!

Nothing to report for my stashbusting activity this week.  I haven’t been sewing with DMIL here.   Maybe next week, lol.   I still have a bunch of quilts to get done to meet my goals.   I also have 2   large table toppers to quilt for the Holidays for our dining table.  

Susan ~ Patchkat