What a week!

DMIL has been in the hospital all week.  Ernie picked her up and brought her home yesterday.   He’s been making the 200+ mile round trip every day.  He’s one tired guy.   DMIL is weak, not much appetite, having major BP and BS issues.   She’s got new medicine and having issues with some of the side effects….and we’re 110 miles away from HER doctor.  I got up this morning and started the laundry, put on a London Broil and made a pot of soup.   Do you know how challenging it is to cook without salt or sugar???

 I’m hoping we can build her up just a little so her results will be better when she sees her Dr. next week.

Work has been busy for me.  We started doing housing inspections which means poking around in folks apartments and isn’t much fun.   We have 2 more weeks of inspections, then my part of the inspections will be over till next time.

I’m putting the top and bottom borders on the wedding quilt…it’s going to be a little late as Step-Dad married his ladylove last Thursday.   Maybe they’ll have it by Christmas, lol.

I’m still working on the little scrappy blocks for the new Grand daughter’s quilts.  I don’t think I’ll ever get enough variety done to finish 2 quilts, lol…but I keep working.   I have the purples and pinks to finish squaring up.  Need to work on greens and blues next.