I’ve been tellin’ ya

about how hard Ernie is working to clear our land and get it looking nice….thought I’d show you a few pics of what he’s done…Burkett clearing 8-092 how bout that purple gate post!!!  He’s been cutting down dead trees and taking dead branches from others..and cutting up deadfall.  In this area, he redid the fencing/gates to make it more accessible for us to stack the green wood.

 Here he is with his little dump trailer being pulled by the lawn tractor.  He has more fun with his little “homemade” toys.  I have to say,  Ernie is the most resourceful man I know.  It’s always fun to see what he comes up with.Burkett clearing 8-0901

He scavenged the trailer frame/axle and built the rest.  Said the little lawn tractors are perfect for the loads he’s hauling…firewood and rocks right now.   As you can see, this portion of the back 40 is very dry and mostly weeds/dirt.  Other parts or covered in cactus.  Right now, we have lots of almost ripe prickly pears.  Too bad I don’t make that kind of jelly!  I’m not into getting stuck with a k-zillion little stickers…and I’m not coordinated enough to run a blow-torch to burn them off!prickly pear   These are all over the back corner of our land.  Burning them out is about the only way to get rid of them, and it’s been too dry to burn.  Even now,  I’d be hesitant to burn due to the high grass around them.  Something has been eating on them…maybe deer or raccoon. They’re really pretty when they bloom and when the fruit turns bright red.  

One of my favorite little treats is fresh chives.   This is what happens when you let them bloom.  They’re so soft and airy.chives  I’ve had the same plants (actually, they reseed every year) since 2003!   They started their lives in a little flowerbed by  the kitchen door.  Now, they’re in pots around the porch/backyard.  I seldom cut them.  I just like to smell them and look at the flowers.

Enough about our “farming” efforts for today!   I’ll save some of the other escapades for another post.