Our Friday night adventure!

The is a very small town…anything out of the ordinary is an adventure.   We’ve been so very dry, that the county has been under a burn ban.  

Let me back up….the Volunteer Fire Dept has acquired land for a new Fire Station.  The old (1880s) Post Office was on that land.  BurkettTx PO b&wThis old building was a central meeting place and housed a doctor’s office as well as the Post Office.   Since the building of a new Post Office, the old building has been used for storage and inhabited by local wildlife.

Well, a couple of months ago, we had a a huge pit dug and the building pushed in….in preparation for burning.  

rain dripping off the roof

This is what I arrived home to on Thursday night.

We had about a half inch of wonderful, much needed, much prayed for rain.    On Friday morning, the burn ban was lifted.


Friday nite found the Burkett VFD Fire Chief and his trusty team Old Burkett POon site with a can of deisel fuel and a match.  Boys will be boys!   We said “Good-Bye” to a little bit of Burkett history.

This was about an hour after the fire was lit.   We had the road blocked off and 4 fire trucks on scene (our current fire station is right across the street from the burn site) with hoses charged and ready.  There were 7 of us ready to grab the hoses and put out what shouldn’t be burning.

burning good

This is about 2 hours after the match… as you can see,  it burned down hot and fast…and this was in the rain.  It’s rained since Thursday and we’re so thankful!   The rain sure helped contain the fire and minimize the danger to surrounding structures.  

Maybe this week,  they can get the guy with the bulldozer to knock the earthen berms into the pit and get everything filled in and leveled.   I don’t know how long it will be before we have enough funding to build, but at least we’ll be ready!


not so good Stashbusting

I honestly meant to use a bunch of yardage this week, lol…but I only cut up a bunch of pink strips and scraps for the little scrappy quilts for the new college Granddaughters…and that only amounted to about 3.5 yds total.   AND the borders for the wedding quilt…another 1.5 yds.

Yardage purchased this week – 0 yds

Yardage used this week – 5 yds

Year to date purchased – 17.25 yds

Year to date used – 204 yds

So,  I’ll have to look forward to another week of hopefully getting some cutting and stitching done.  I need to find the backing for the wedding quilt, but I’m afraid I’m going to need to make a purchase to get the right green….pity :)

Susan ~ Patchkat