Good Ole Summertime Mini Quilt

It’s done.   Going out in tomorrow’s mail!  Yeah!

Dog days and Beary hot nights

Dog Days and Beary Hot Nights in TEXAS.  

Represents our sultry, stormy nights…lots of hot colors and rainy, stormy fabrics.


Back home, meeting new friends, Stashbusting, etc…

After 3 days in Arlington packing doll house miniatures,  I’m finally home.  Have I mentioned how much I hate packing?   And all that little fragile stuff….boxes and boxes of it.  

While there,  I got the binding stitched down on my Texas quilt from the “Vacation” we took in New Braunfels, TX several years ago.  I love the quilt.  I’ll try to get a photo posted tomorrow.   Unfortunately,  since I wasn’t home sewing, the only fabric I used was for the binding on a small challenge quilt.  Not very impressive, huh?  Next week will hopefully be better!

Yardage purchased  this week – 0  yds 

Yardage used this week – 1 yds

Year to date purchased – 17.25 yds

Year to date used – 199  yds
While in Arlington,  I got the opportunity to see my step-Dad’s new home. It should be completed and ready for him to close on it in a couple of weeks.  It’s big and beautiful.    I love the skylight, the open arrangement of rooms and the jacuzzi!    Nice neighborhood and convenient for getting to work and shopping.   We ate at a neat neighborhood Mexican eatery.  Very good food.
Susan ~ Patchkat and Moira

Tuesday,  a friend from the Sunshine Guild Quilting list came to visit me.  We’ve emailed for years, but never met in person.  I’m just sorry our visit was so short.  That’s Moira on the right.  She’s a nice lady!  I think we could’ve talked fabric stashes and quilting for days!
Ernie loaded all the boxes I’d packed and the few pieces of furniture that were ready to go.  We’ll have to make another trip with the trailer for the remainder once the new house is ready. 
We had lunch with our Daughter, Stacie, on our way out of Arlington…and were home by 5:30PM in time to feed the kitties.  I took today off to recover as my knee and back were screaming from all the bending, lifting and driving.  Tomorrow is another day.
Susan ~ Patchkat