Taking a little trip

Doing laundry, packing a bag, heading for Arlington.   Need to finish packing up late Mom’s pretties.   Step-Dad and his bride-to-be are having a new home built…and this stuff won’t be making the move.

Another work week over.   I’ve managed to load some fabric onto my  HQ and I’ve played in the evenings most of this week. 


I’ve been practicing swirls, lines, fillers…and it’s been fun.   I’ve also tried using the laser and a pattern port for blocks.   I’m really shaky at it, but if I stand to the right of the machine and only hold the right handle to guide,  I do better.   I have better control with just one handle and being on the same side as the laser is pointing.  


This is just some of my practice work.  I think I’m going to love free motion and this type of designs.  They’re so easy to do and even with the mess ups, they look pretty good :)  



Ernie has been taking the kittens and ApatcheKat outside in the mornings and letting them run.  Need to get the kittens used to being outside.  Needless to say,  ApatcheKat doesn’t want to be an outside kitty.  Life is better inside with the continuous food bowl and airconditioning!

I’ll be offline for a few days unless I can get the old computer working there.   Last I remembered, it couldn’t connect online for some weird reason.

Everyone have a super holiday!

Susan ~ Patchkat