At Denise’s insistence,  I’ve dusted off my EQ6 and completed my design of “Merry-Go-Geese”.   2010 tqp bomThe center is best done in Paper Piecing.   Everyone who knows me, knows I don’t do well with paper piecing…I’m very dislexic and my bits and pieces are always the reverse of what they should be!  This will be a challenge for me, lol.  

“Merry-Go-Geese” will be offered Round Robin style on TQP  as a BOM in 2010.

Thanks Denise for tweaking the design for presentation.

I will also be offering the pattern and instructions on the blog for those non members who would like to play along.

I’m not sure when we’ll be offering it on TheQuiltingPost, but it will run concurrently here, so stay tuned!


My latest quilting endeavors

quilting handicapThe wedding quilt is loaded and I’m quilting…but how do you quilt with this type of handicap???  This is GG (garbage gut) Sassyfras and she’s purrfectly content to lay in the frame.  I run her off, get to the other end of the machine, and she’s back.  Only way to keep her off the frame is to shut her out of the room.  As you can probably tell,  I’m floating the quilt top rather than having it pinned to the roller in front of Sassy.

 I was having a dilemma about what to quilt in the white areas of the border…and this is what I’ve come up with.  I’m thinking it’s looking okay.flower  This is a first for me as I’m using part of a continuous line stencil and marking the flower…my lines aren’t perfectly in line with what I drew, but it’s okay.  I’m connecting the flowers along the top white border with little swirls and curlie Qs.    I’ve got the top borders and the first row of blocks done.  Need to go work on rows 2 and 3 which are interlocked/staggered.  Think there are 9 of those interlocked rows and of course, borders on the other 3 edges.  


I have actually had some stash change this week!!!   So, for my Sunday report on a Monday,  I can say…nothing really changed, LOL

Yardage purchased this week – 6 yds

Yardage used this week – 6 yds

Year to date purchased – 23.25 yds

Year to date used – 210 yds

I ordered 6 yds for wedding quilt backing, and have 6yds loaded on the quilting frame as I type.   There will be a small amount leftover, but I’m planning to use that and a few strips from the quilt scraps to make my binding and label.   By the time I’m done,  I expect to have used the whole amount. 

I have quilted the top outer border (crosshatched) and the white border has FLOWERS quilted in it….the next part of the quilt (the body) will probably be all crosshatching. 

Week 2 of Inspections

This has not been the best week….we’ve been doing inspections as time permits between meetings and training sessions.   One employee…ended up in the emergency room.  The cat that bit him ended up dead.  Police shot it to take for testing.   Sad when one’s sympathies lie with the cat :(     Then, had a call yesterday about a tenant who didn’t show up for coffee with friends…ended up with the ME, mortuary and law enforcement on scene.  Not a good thing.   Not at all.  The elderly gentleman had apparently expired on Friday.    I’m thankful the maintenance crew got there yesterday before we did…so we didn’t have to be the ones to go in and find him.   It was hard enough having to inspect the apartment this afternoon.

Mother-in-Law has Dr. appt tomorrow AM.  Ernie has taken her  to Roscoe.   We’re hoping for a good report so she can be a little more active.   Not sure if she’ll come home with him.

 magsThe kitties and I are enjoing having the doors open and the 59° air blowing through!   NO TV,  I ate out, so no dishes.  I’ve spent my evening going through catalogs and magazines…something I rarely have time to do!  FUN!   I’ve even done a little Christmas shopping!  That’s a productive evening!!!  I saw some cute items that I think I can make too :)   I love it when that happens!  

My thread order from Tracy at SewThankful ( came in today.  I ordered King Tut varigated and it’s beautiful.   I should have the thread order from my HQ dealer on Friday.  I ordered Rainbow and SoFine from her.  I’ll be thread poor :)    I could easily become a thread junkie!   Way too many gorgeous colors to pick from.   I think other than special projects, I’ll probably quilt mostly in neutrals, but the colors are fun.

The wedding quilt should be ready to load on the machine by Friday evening.  I’m hoping to quilt it over the weekend if the backing fabric arrives tomorrow.   I need to find some neat wrapping stuff for the 2 wedding quilts as I’m hoping to have them done and ready for delivery on the 2nd.   Wish me luck!

Nothing to report for my stashbusting activity this week.  I haven’t been sewing with DMIL here.   Maybe next week, lol.   I still have a bunch of quilts to get done to meet my goals.   I also have 2   large table toppers to quilt for the Holidays for our dining table.  

Susan ~ Patchkat

What a week!

DMIL has been in the hospital all week.  Ernie picked her up and brought her home yesterday.   He’s been making the 200+ mile round trip every day.  He’s one tired guy.   DMIL is weak, not much appetite, having major BP and BS issues.   She’s got new medicine and having issues with some of the side effects….and we’re 110 miles away from HER doctor.  I got up this morning and started the laundry, put on a London Broil and made a pot of soup.   Do you know how challenging it is to cook without salt or sugar???

 I’m hoping we can build her up just a little so her results will be better when she sees her Dr. next week.

Work has been busy for me.  We started doing housing inspections which means poking around in folks apartments and isn’t much fun.   We have 2 more weeks of inspections, then my part of the inspections will be over till next time.

I’m putting the top and bottom borders on the wedding quilt…it’s going to be a little late as Step-Dad married his ladylove last Thursday.   Maybe they’ll have it by Christmas, lol.

I’m still working on the little scrappy blocks for the new Grand daughter’s quilts.  I don’t think I’ll ever get enough variety done to finish 2 quilts, lol…but I keep working.   I have the purples and pinks to finish squaring up.  Need to work on greens and blues next.

I’ve been tellin’ ya

about how hard Ernie is working to clear our land and get it looking nice….thought I’d show you a few pics of what he’s done…Burkett clearing 8-092 how bout that purple gate post!!!  He’s been cutting down dead trees and taking dead branches from others..and cutting up deadfall.  In this area, he redid the fencing/gates to make it more accessible for us to stack the green wood.

 Here he is with his little dump trailer being pulled by the lawn tractor.  He has more fun with his little “homemade” toys.  I have to say,  Ernie is the most resourceful man I know.  It’s always fun to see what he comes up with.Burkett clearing 8-0901

He scavenged the trailer frame/axle and built the rest.  Said the little lawn tractors are perfect for the loads he’s hauling…firewood and rocks right now.   As you can see, this portion of the back 40 is very dry and mostly weeds/dirt.  Other parts or covered in cactus.  Right now, we have lots of almost ripe prickly pears.  Too bad I don’t make that kind of jelly!  I’m not into getting stuck with a k-zillion little stickers…and I’m not coordinated enough to run a blow-torch to burn them off!prickly pear   These are all over the back corner of our land.  Burning them out is about the only way to get rid of them, and it’s been too dry to burn.  Even now,  I’d be hesitant to burn due to the high grass around them.  Something has been eating on them…maybe deer or raccoon. They’re really pretty when they bloom and when the fruit turns bright red.  

One of my favorite little treats is fresh chives.   This is what happens when you let them bloom.  They’re so soft and airy.chives  I’ve had the same plants (actually, they reseed every year) since 2003!   They started their lives in a little flowerbed by  the kitchen door.  Now, they’re in pots around the porch/backyard.  I seldom cut them.  I just like to smell them and look at the flowers.

Enough about our “farming” efforts for today!   I’ll save some of the other escapades for another post.

Our Friday night adventure!

The is a very small town…anything out of the ordinary is an adventure.   We’ve been so very dry, that the county has been under a burn ban.  

Let me back up….the Volunteer Fire Dept has acquired land for a new Fire Station.  The old (1880s) Post Office was on that land.  BurkettTx PO b&wThis old building was a central meeting place and housed a doctor’s office as well as the Post Office.   Since the building of a new Post Office, the old building has been used for storage and inhabited by local wildlife.

Well, a couple of months ago, we had a a huge pit dug and the building pushed in….in preparation for burning.  

rain dripping off the roof

This is what I arrived home to on Thursday night.

We had about a half inch of wonderful, much needed, much prayed for rain.    On Friday morning, the burn ban was lifted.


Friday nite found the Burkett VFD Fire Chief and his trusty team Old Burkett POon site with a can of deisel fuel and a match.  Boys will be boys!   We said “Good-Bye” to a little bit of Burkett history.

This was about an hour after the fire was lit.   We had the road blocked off and 4 fire trucks on scene (our current fire station is right across the street from the burn site) with hoses charged and ready.  There were 7 of us ready to grab the hoses and put out what shouldn’t be burning.

burning good

This is about 2 hours after the match… as you can see,  it burned down hot and fast…and this was in the rain.  It’s rained since Thursday and we’re so thankful!   The rain sure helped contain the fire and minimize the danger to surrounding structures.  

Maybe this week,  they can get the guy with the bulldozer to knock the earthen berms into the pit and get everything filled in and leveled.   I don’t know how long it will be before we have enough funding to build, but at least we’ll be ready!