5th day into the Fire

Not to jinx anything, but the fire may finally be a thing of the past.   Started on Thursday, trucks and fire fighters have gone out every day since,  and there are still smoldering hot spots today. 

burkett fire 8-28-09001Ernie and Jackie drove the area this afternoon…these photos don’t show the amount of devastation.   They found a few spots that needed water and one area that was actually flaming again.   It’s the trees that are causing the issues now.  They are still smoldering, then the trunk burns through, falls over and suddenly, there is a stump with burning embers.  Doesn’t take much to keep the fires going.

burkett fire 8-28-09003

As you can see, it’s just acres and acres of oak and hackberry trees. These little thickets where they can’t get into with  trucks or equipment are always a problem.

They didn’t see any wildlife, even during the fire.  We have deer, coyote, fox, bobcat, raccoons, skunks, and all manner of flying  and crawling critters in our area.   What are we thankful for today?  For the winds that dropped off each day when the fires were going their strongest.   The lack of winds is what allowed the fire fighters and earth moving equipment to establish a perimeter and get the fires under control.  We’re still praying for rain.


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