Have we seen the last flame???

Friday night saw us on scene with the fire until midnight.  I made sandwiches for about 45 fire fighters from 6 or 7 different stations.  These are all volunteer fire fighters who give up their home time to keep us safe.  There was equipment (doziers) called in from Granbury, TX (about a 2 hr drive away) and air attack planes dropping fire retardant and water.  It was a real hub-bub of activity with trucks coming and going.  I was most interested in this fire as it was only a mile of so north of our house…and we had wind blowing.   Anyhow,  according to the Coleman Fire dept,  this one has consumed about 2000 acres with no loss of structures.   The terrain north of us is really rugged.  The stuff that it’s almost impossible to get equipment into.   I’m proud of our Volunteer Fire Dept.! 

dirty guysThis morning saw the crew out again.  We had 3 of our 5 trucks on scene about 8AM.  They fought fire until about 4PM, came in long enough to fill trucks and then had to go right back out and fight some hot spots.  They finally turned everyone loose about 8PM.   Here is a picture of Kenneth and Ernie…very tired and certainly very dirty!  They’re both hoping for hot showers and a hot dinner tonight…and no more fire calls!

burkett fire 8-27-29011

A few minutes relaxation before they head for home… steve, jackie, Tim (hiding behind Jackie), me, Deanna who is behind her hubby, Randy, Kenneth and Wayne.  Not in the photo is Ernie (who is behind the camera), Travis, and Landon who had already left.

Wish I could say “and a good time was had by all”, but that’s really NOT the case!