I’m busily stirring the roux for cheesy broccoli rice…the salmon is grilling…and the alarm goes off :(   Ernie hollers we have a fire,  I love you,  I’ve got to go…and off he goes to the Fire Station.   I finish making dinner, load it into the microwave to await his return. 

Cut to the sewing studio…I have the two way radio for the Fire Dept and the NOAA radio going (we’re under severe storm warnings), the telephone at my side.  I’ve disconnected all the important stuff.   The fire is right up the road from my Boss Lady’s place, so I call and tell them to be watchful…fires move fast.

I plugged in my trusty FW and started on the last row of the last Wedding Quilt.  In the course of the evening,  I finished the quilt top EXCEPT for deciding on a border…and I finished umpteen jillion blocks for kid quilts. 

At 11:30,  I give it up,  go package all the food for the refrigerator, unset my side of the table, clean up the kitchen and get ready for bed (today’s still a work day for me).  

A little after 1:00AM,  my sweet volunteer fire fighter shows up.   He and the kitties wash up a little, rustle some dinner and come to bed.    And that danged alarm went off at 6:45AM.   Guess who’s draggin’ today.

Such is the exciting life in the household of a volunteer fire fighter.    At least he didn’t have to get up and go to work today…I’m thankful everytime the guys come home safely.   This was a grass fire that might’ve been sparked from lightening .   Burkett sent 3 trucks and 8 people, and there were trucks from 3 surrounding towns…Don’t know yet how much area the fire consumed, but it was a bunch.   

Oh…and after all that,  we didn’t get a drop of rain.  Again.