Figs, anyone?

The neighbor brought me about 4 cups (after I chopped them up) of figs from their trees.   Anyhow,  not being a figgy person,   I consulted an old pickle and preserve type book and figured out what to do with them.  Added crushed pineapple, sugar, 2 lemons+ the zest, cinnamon, allspice and cloves.   The house smelled wonderful while it was cooking.   Mashed and cooked the whole mess to the jelly stage and ended up with 2 little jars of fig and lemon conserves.   YUMMMMM!   We’ve already eaten most of the first container on biscuits and toast.   I think it would be lovely spooned over a pound cake.   Who says I can’t be domestic when need be????

I’ve tried 2 different times to get watermelon rind preserves made…and both times,  the rinds have gotten soft before I’ve gotten to them.  Maybe I wasn’t meant to make those preserves.   Someday….

Apatche Kat went to the vet last week.  I think she’s ready to go back outside fulltime now.   She’s been making little forays outside and on Saturday, we left her out for about 6 hours while we were gone.   We need to put Bear and Blondie out with her and let them start adapting to life in the great outdoors.   Of course,  we worry about all the bad things…hawks, the owl, coyotes, possum, the wild dogs and tom cats…the things that prey on little kittens.   Putting them out will be hard.   Keeping them out, probably harder, lol.   Anyone who loves kitties will know where we’re coming from.  They can sure worm their way into your heart.


One response to “Figs, anyone?

  1. Those sound so yummy. Where did you find that recipe? I think I need to try some of those next year.