at least it wasn’t Monday

although it started out to be… don’t you hate it when the phone rings 15 minutes before the alarm goes off?   Just ruins my whole day.   Since I work in town,  the neighbors like to call and get me to run their town errands on my way to/from work so they don’t have to make the trip.   Most days I don’t mind at all…but on days where they call in the early AM, it just leaves me grumpy.  Sad, but true.

The parents are picking up the school supplies at work.  Some of them are really excited and thankful to get them…others act like it’s their “due”.   Made me happy to see the ones who were happy and really needed the help.  Like one single Mom of 3 said “now I can afford to spend a little $$ on new shoes and jeans”….that’s what it’s all about for us.

Started laying out my “Amish Sparkler” blocks…this is the second batch from our ROMPs in AR.    Can’t decide on which layout I like and I don’t have a large enough design wall to really play around with the blocks.   I can’t leave them on the floor due to the little Hellions.   I had plenty of help in the few blocks I laid out.    Need to figure out how to string flannel up across our sliding doors, lol.  Wonder if I could do it like a large roller shade ?   Any ideas out there?   I need something at least 6×6′ and would prefer larger still.   That’s something to sleep on.


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